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1 ElegantApi.get_content_by_type("panel")
3  "attributes": {
4    "title": "Homepage - Panel 3 (Code)",
5    "published-at": "2017-10-02T17:33:00.000Z",
6    "status": "live",
7    "expires-at": null,
8    "fields": {
9       "sub-title": "EASY DEVELOPMENT",
10       "title": "Read and write your data via our RESTFUL API",
11       "body": "Elegant follows the industry standard JSON API format for ease of use and familiarity. Our API will allow you retrieve and update data as you see fit. \r\n",
12       "button": "READ OUR DOCS",
13       "button-url": "https://docs.elegantcms.net",
14       "display-order": 3,
15       "background-image": null
16    }
17  }

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Developers can access all content through a RESTFUL API which is JSON:API compliant. The Master Object Model returns all related objects (multilpe levels) resulting in increased development productivity and efficiency

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Modern Applications engage users across a multitude of devices and deliver an integrated experience across a range of Desktop/website, mobile web and native mobile devices. The applications are considered modern because they recognize users demand for a uniform experience.