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Traditional CMS platforms have always had a front end display layer built in. A headless CMS is designed to allow the inputting of content, but does not assume the responsibility of laying it out. Elegant provides that content through an API in JSON.
With content now being consumed on an endless number of devices, the desktop web can no longer be considered the central hub. By decoupling with a headless CMS, it allows your content to be delivered to any type of display.
Every development group has dealt with the pain of supporting an old CMS. Managing them as they age and finding resources to upgrade them is a constant problem that detracts from providing the core value of the application. We see Elegant as the solution. While we manage the CMS, you just design your content, integrate and go.
Any project where you have content that needs quick and easy management. In some cases, clients are building desktop, mobile and native experiences all from a headless CMS. In others, Elegant is serving to augment an older CMS that the client is bound to. In some cases, developers are using Elegant to solve niche problems such as exposing settings and configurations that a client can control. Because Elegant’s content entities can be built dynamically, how you use it has no limits.
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