Our Story

We’ve been building, updating, supporting, and fixing applications since the early days of the internet revolution. Privileged to be in the trenches with developers, managers and customers, we learned one truth - the only constant is change.  We know the impact the wrong CMS can have on your business.

Elegant was created help manage change. Today’s apps are multi-platform, multi-interfaced and should not be limited by the architecture of a content management system (“CMS”), only by the ingenuity of the team creating it.  The world does not need another content management solution, but it does need change management simplified.

Our goal is to free you from managing aging custom CMS code and infrastructure. Elegant gives you back this time to focus on the core value of your application. We're insanely focused on the need for time savings, speed and simplicity.

For those that build systems, and those that manage them, we hope you find our product . . .  Elegant.

Gabriel Smallman