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Essential Power Features

Focus on delivering the unique value of your application not building a CMS to manage content.  With Elegant CMS you can embed the essential power features needed to run an integrated online presence.


Icon users User Roles

Allows editors, developers and account owners the proper level of access and control to effectively and securely manage applications you own or built for your clients.


Manage accounts, create and manage multiple applications, create content models  


Manage content for only the applications you've been assigned to.

Icon cms Customizable CMS Builder

Design and build out your own content models with powerful GUI Content Manager to handle an array of modern CMS challenges. Admins easily create customized content types blending text, images, and a range of other field types. Allowing Authors to quickly build out content with the help of field constraints and contextual help notes.

Icon responsive API Driven Content Management

RESTful API content retrieval keeps development costs down by providing your technical staff an industry standard means of integrating your CMS into your application.

Icon cms SaaS

A full CMS building service - no servers, no firewalls and no updates.

Icon responsive Instant Scale

Virtually unlimited storage, speed and delivery to support your application needs.


Icon cms Intuitive Modeling Tools

Easily create customized content models with an array of fields for text, images, validations and relationships to other content types.

Icon cms Author Anywhere

Gain productivity by managing your content from any size device with less clicks.

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